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High Grade Jump Start Booster Cables 500amp


A jumper cable has a thick electrical cable with tight, thick clips at each end. These cables are used to headstart a car or another type of vehicle by connecting the battery that went out of service due to discharge or malfunction with the battery of a different vehicle.

High Grade Copper Used 500amp Jumper Cables

High Grade Crocodile Clips

Head Proof

Water Proof 

High Grade ABS Material Case 

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  • Heavy Duty Jump Start Booster Cables 500 amp
  • Utilizing high-quality copper, these jumper cables boast a 1000 amp capacity.
  • Top-tier crocodile clips crafted with high-grade materials.
  • Head Proof
  • Water Proof 
  • Durable case made from high-grade ABS material.
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