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Kangaroo Cosmic Car Body Polish Wax – 200g


Cosmic car wax is the perfect solution for maintaining the newness of your car. This product is ideal for all colored cars and can be effortlessly wiped down. It is made with carnauba wax, which helps prevent discoloration and withstands various contaminants.

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Discover Cosmic car wax, the ultimate solution for preserving your car’s showroom shine. Formulated for all car colours, this product offers an effortless application for a pristine finish. It contains carnauba wax, renowned for its ability to resist discoloration and endure diverse contaminants. Furthermore, it delivers a glossy shine and enduring protective shield. Kangaroo Cosmic car wax for your cars is available at

  • Simple to apply
  • Carnauba wax formula
  • Highly durable against weathering effects
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