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TPMS Solar Power Tyre Pressure Monitoring System | LCD Display ( Internal )


This Bluetooth TPMS Internal Tyre Pressure Monitoring System allows you to monitor your tyres temperature and pressure. The TPMS also monitors failures like leaks or tyre bursts. You can add as many tyres as needed.

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Size: Internal

  • – Alarm for High Temperature, Leakage, and Low Battery Levels
  • – Automatic Shock Boot Activates When Car is in Motion, No Need for Manual On/Off Switch
  • – Simple Installation with Wireless Sensor Connectivity
  • – Choose between built-in sensors or external sensor options to fulfill all your requirements.
  • – Kindly have it installed by a professional car center.
  • – Utilizes solar power for charging, eliminating the need to connect to the car cigarette lighter for charging.
  •  – Vibrant LCD Digital Display for Clear Tire Information Visualisation
    – Real-time Monitoring of Tire Pressure and Temperature for all Four Tires, with Low Air Pressure and High-Temperature Alarm Functionality
    – Resistant to High Temperatures and Cold Conditions
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